Small Bathroom Remodeling

bath-liners003Many Homeowners may view a small bathroom remodel as being easier than large remodels. After all, the room is small! The novice may think it would be easy to replace a tub with a shower. While doing that, he or she may think of replacing the toilet, vanity & floor.

bath-liners003Small bathroom remodels are not that easy, and is usually best left to professional contractors and plumbers. Many homeowners have experienced "opening a can of worms", and have had their remodeling project budget double or even triple once they get started. With "CUSTOM BATH REMODELING & LINERS", We can help with the design and work within your budget. We supply All materials and installation and we'll GUARANTEE the price we agree to doesn't change!

Here are a few ideas on how you might do small bathroom remodels.

  1. Tubs and wall systems; there are many choices when it comes to bathtubs/showers and the surrounding walls. We offer acrylic tub liners and wall surrounds, as well as replacement tubs and shower pans. These products are available in a variety of colors and tile patterns. Depending on the budget, we also offer solid surface wall systems, Marblestone, and ceramic tile. This will enable us to help you create the bathroom of your dreams without "breaking the bank"
  2. Vanity Replacement: This is not necessarily the easiest part of a small bathroom remodeling project, but it is a quick way to update the appearance. Many homeowners don't realize that if the vanity is replaced, the footprint often is effected,  thus the need to redo the floor. If you prefer, you can replace your vanity with a wall or pedestal sink, however the plumbing typically won't line up with the current plumbing. You will not have to re-route pipes as part of your small bathroom remodel.
  3. In-Wall Cabinets:  In-wall cabinets fit between the studs and reduce the distance they protrude from the wall. Since they do not protrude as far into the room, they save space while providing storage. A small bathroom remodel can easily incorporate this task.
  4. Toilet Replacement: A toilet replacement is often part of your small bathroom remodeling project. A new toilet is not only more efficient, it will also help update the look and provide more comfort for your bath remodeling project. We offer a variety of options in this area; one piece toilets versus two piece toilets, elongated bowls versus round bowls, Comfort height as opposed to standard white toilets.
  5. Flooring: there are many options when it comes to flooring for your bathroom remodeling project. We offer laminate flooring, as well as tile flooring. Laminate flooring can look and feel like a much more expensive product then it actually is. Tile flooring can be as fancy as your imagination and budget allow.
  6. Mirrors: Many small bathroom remodeling projects forget this inexpensive technique. Large mirrors will reflect the room and make it look much larger. They will also bounce light around the room, making it seem airy.
  7. Tub/shower doors: once we've transformed your outdated tub or shower area into a beautiful new Oasis, having us supply and install a frameless or semi-frameless shower  door with clear glass  will appear to add space to the room. 
  8. Little Things: Little things mean a lot. Look around your bathroom for ways to make it appear roomier. Light colors tend to make the room feel larger, dark colors are warm however make the room feel smaller. Additionally bright decorative window curtains also enhance the look of your small bathroom remodel. Avoid too many accessories such as large towel bars. Fold towels on smaller bars. Hang double towel bars to use wall space.

Small bathroom remodels may involve construction permits and contractors for big changes, but you yourself can do many things to improve the room. For more information on small bathroom remodeling you can do, click here to read our article, Bathroom Remodeling – Construction and Contractors.

Why Acrylic Liners ?

beforeafternubathAcrylic liners for walls, bathtubs, and showers have become a huge part of the home remodeling industry. They provide an attractive solution for dealing with old worn tubs, showers, and tile walls.

If you're concerned about saving money on your bathroom remodeling; tub and shower liners are an alternative to refinishing or completely replacing your old tub or shower.

What Are Bathtub and Shower Liners?

tublinerLiners are new "skins" for your bathtub, shower pan, or walls. They are installed over your existing tub or shower; nothing is removed. Liners are made of heavy gauge acrylic. This is the same material that new, pre-fabricated bath and shower stalls are made of. So, if you were to demolish your bathroom and put in a new pre-fab unit, this is the same material that the pre-fab unit is made of. You can re-line just the bathtub or shower pan itself, or you can also add wall surrounds.

Five Reasons to Consider a Bathtub or Shower Liner

1. A Quick Fix

It's a faster fix than completely demolishing and replacing your bathroom.

2. Cheaper Than a Full Remodel

While more expensive than refinishing, it's cheaper than a full-on bathroom remodel.

3. Cover Up Unsightly Walls, Too

Refinishing only takes care of the bathtub itself or the shower floor pan. If your walls look like a warzone, refinishing won't help, but it is possible to order wall surround liners to cover up the mess.

4. No Demolition

Demolition is necessary for a full bathroom remodel. The tub and shower have to be ripped out, and surrounding materials will get damaged and must be replaced. Liners do not require demolition.

5. Competitive

We provide some of the lowest prices in the industry, and we work with you on a one-on-one basis to make sure you get everything you are looking for.

Bathroom Wall Decorating Ideas

imgres-bath-wall-papaerYour bathroom wall is one of the largest things in the room. It is the canvas for the work of art that is your bathroom. It deserves attention.

Bathroom wall decorating ideas usually begin with paint or wallpaper. That might be the place to begin, but you might opt instead to consider cabinets.


If you already have cabinets on your bathroom walls, decide whether you still want them. If the room is small, you may want to remove cabinets to make it look larger. Where will you put toiletries? Consider two options.

1. In-wall Cabinets. Open space between wall studs. Install an in-wall cabinet with open shelves or mirrored door. Some in-wall cabinets are made with stylish molding, and can give your bathroom walls a custom look. To install a cabinet in your bathroom wall, simply cut an opening between the studs. Apply adhesive, insert the cabinet, and you’re done. Caution: Be sure no pipes or heating ducts run through the wall area you intend to use. Wires can be pushed behind or above your cabinet.

2. Thin Profile Cabinets. Hang a thin cabinet above the sink. Surround it with lighting appropriate for personal grooming needs.


Decorating bathroom walls with lighting achieves two purposes. Your bathroom can have light where you need it, and the walls can be beautified with the right fixtures. For a clean, uncluttered look, use a cornice molding for indirect lighting all around the room where the ceiling meets the bathroom walls. Place discreet recessed lighting above shower / tub. Add strong lighting around the mirror for personal grooming. For larger bathrooms, add a sconce light or two near the toilet.

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